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Operating in the ready to wear sector since 1976, designing collections for urban women focused on simplicity, comfort, elegance and fashion trends, Vekem, “the affordable fashion design brand” dreams about strong and modern women and elegance around the clock in every piece included in its collections. Each product design reflects simplicity in the main lines but delicate details allow you to continue enjoying femininity.


Vekem brand products are produced in its own production plants in Istanbul by targeting the highest production quality that can be achieved in a period of nearly 40 years since the day it was founded, using all state-of-the-art technologies and selecting the top-quality fabrics.  

As the “affordable fashion design brand” holding the most demanding position in the ready-made garment sector, Vekem aims to continue bringing “Vekem Women” together with the top-quality products produced without losing the ambition and passion of the first day with the contribution of its young and dynamic staff.  


Autumn - Winter 21/22


In Autumn - Winter 21/22 season, we wanted to go to nostalgic days by slowing down the speed of life and at the same time innovating you good morning.We created a luxury minimalism effect with our designs that are contemporary and have a vintage effect. The simplicity of simpler living brought clothes and colors to the 70s, while the evasion skirts, silk shirts and wide-leg velvet trousers said they designed for you. We have combined the soft transition of blue with millennium pink with vintage effect binding, and the size is a “romantic air” creature.

In addition to this simplicity, we are inspired by Byzantium, and in another collection of our producers, we included the sixth ornaments of worn doras, voluminous puff jackets, golden blonde, and the charm of the lambs.… forms.

With the effect of people's desire to escape from the city, to move away from technology and the impulse to cope with nature, we brought rich weather tones, conifer colors and moss green to our collection. They're designed to make you feel comfortable and special there, from the 90's big-pocket cargo pants to the voluminous looks, the draped to the abundant forms and the elegance at the same time.