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Return & Exchange

How can I replace a product?
- You can log into your account and leave “product replacement request” over in order to replace the product/ products you purchased from that cannot be used. The document sent with the product must be completed and sent to us together with the product/ products via MNG cargo. In addition, you can also replace the products by showing your bill at Vekem stores.
How can I return the product that is sent to me?
-First, you must log into and create “product return request” in order to return a product you purchased. Subsequently, you can complete the return form sent with the product and return the product via MNG Cargo at no additional cost.

Please specify the following address on the package as return address;

Vekem Online
Seleksiyon Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Sanayi Caddesi Turin İş Merkezi
Blok No:11 / A-B-C-D-F
Kağıthane / İSTANBUL
What is the time limit for returns?
-- You can return a product within fourteen (14) days starting from the date of delivery in accordance with article on “Using Right of Withdrawal Without Showing Any Reason” under Consumer Law. You can return the product within 45 days starting from the date of delivery in case of returns made due to any defect arising from the product.
Am I required to pay cargo cost for returns?
-- Cargo cost of returns made upon completing “product return request” at shall be borne by us. Products sent at other party’s cost (U.A.- Recipient Pays) using services of any cargo company other than MNG Cargo shall not be accepted.
How do I get refunds when I chose to pay in instalments?
-Your refund shall be reflected to your credit card as positive balance and on monthly basis when you choose to pay in instalments. Reflection of positive balance in an amount equal to monthly instalments depends on processes and practices of banks. You can get detailed information from your bank. You can find detailed information on these transactions in your credit card statement. The amount of instalments that were already paid will be reflected to your credit card as positive balance on the date of the first credit card statement.
When do I receive the refund in my account following the processing of the return?
-All products returned upon creating return request on shall be inspected in reference to conditions of return. Your money is refunded if your Return is approved upon these inspections. Banks determine the terms of reflecting the refunds to your account and we do not have right to interfere with the process.
What are the conditions applicable to returns?
- Product / products must be returned in non-damaged packaging, without being used or damaged due to user’s fault. Customers are obliged to return the products in the same conditions as they received and they shall compensate the loss equal to the commercial value of the product in case of faulty use. The relevant units shall perform necessary inspections upon receipt of the product and an approval shall be given for the refund. This process takes 3-5 business days.